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New York City based thrash-punk band Superdeaf recently released their new EP, Mass Hysteria. It dropped on August 10th, 2020 with their label Maximum Collabo.

NYC Music Gems> Escarioka!

Escarioka is a border-crossing multi-kulti collective that was formed in Elizabeth, New Jersey in late 2002. The band comprises Exequiel D’Ambrossio on vocals, Pablo D’Ambr on bass, Cristo on drums and percussion, Leo Minimum Tek on lead guitar, Fernando Alvarez on guitar, Mark Nagy on trombone, Dave Levy on trumpet, and Abraham Mennen on saxophone.

With roots in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, Escarioka’s sound is a unique blend of cumbia, Balkan, salsa, hardcore, dub, and gypsy music. They describe their style as “psychotropical punk rock” and are known for their legendary underground concerts and for supporting international and Latin American veterans such as Chico Trujillo, Todos Tus Muertos, Los Destellos, Gogol Bordello, Aterciopelados, El Gran Silencio, Desorden Publico, Fermin Muguruza, Ska-P, Gondwana, and many more.

The meaning of the name “Escarioka” is to create a multicultural immigrant beat party with lyrics of hope and survival against hypocrisy and hatred. The band’s message is all about sharing the party with positive messages against false truth in society, keeping hope alive, and combating one’s ego to stay true. Their ultimate goal is to enjoy “EL BAILONGO” (the party).

Escarioka has earned themselves a top spot in NYC’s world music scene, opening for bands like Los Autenticos Decadentes, SKA-P, Los Destellos, Chico Trujillo, Fidel Nadal, Mimi Maura, Sergio Rotman (Fabulosos Cadillacs), and more.

Their debut album, “Factor Sabor,” was released on Mehanata Records in 2012, featuring tracks like “Gypsy Clash,” “Mona (Tributo a Juan Carlos Jimenez),” “Callejon,” “Perro,” “Tango,” “Sosa,” “Algun dia llegara,” and “Pelea y permanece.”

In 2019, Escarioka released a three-song EP titled “Tiempos” featuring tracks like “Amor Al Tango,” and “Ya No Juego Mas.”

Escarioka’s most recent album, “Pachahuaska,” was released on Maximum Collabo records and features 11 tracks traveling from metal to merengue, chicha-reggae to psychotropical-gypsy anthems in espanglish.

Escarioka is a group of close friends that consider one another family, and will work together to spread their message of flavor, energy, happiness, identity, density, capacity, and party. Their explosive energy and unique style have made them a force to be reckoned with in the world music scene, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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