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New York City based thrash-punk band Superdeaf recently released their new EP, Mass Hysteria. It dropped on August 10th, 2020 with their label Maximum Collabo.

Celebrating Isaac Cevallos

Welcome to another exciting edition of 13Way, where we unearth the hidden gems of the music world. Today, we raise our glasses and join in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” to the incredibly talented musician, composer, and Ambato’s very own pride, Isaac Cevallos! 🎉

From his very first baby steps, it was clear that Isaac was destined for musical greatness. Born in 1987, he came into this world with rhythm in his heart and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Little did we know, he would grow up to become a musical force to be reckoned with. 🎵💥

🎶 The Early Years: A Symphony of Talent 🎶

Isaac’s musical journey began with a bang, as he quickly established himself as a rising star in the Ecuadorian music scene. He kicked off his career as a pianist, leaving audiences in awe of his virtuosity and infectious energy.

🔥 La Big Nand 🔥

Isaac lent his magical touch to the renowned band, La Big Nand. Under the direction of Richard Nant, this sensational group has been gracing the stage for four years. Their repertoire combines traditional jazz, modern music, and even a touch of Argentine folklore. Isaac’s piano skills added a touch of brilliance to their performances, captivating audiences wherever they played.

🎸 Cool Blue Quarter 🎸

Isaac also showcased his talents as a pianist in the band Cool Blue Quarter. Their music traversed Latin American rhythms, jazz, Latin fusion, Afro sounds, and more. The combination of Isaac’s piano prowess and the band’s infectious energy created a musical experience like no other.

🎹 Chicago Big Band 🎹

Another feather in Isaac’s musical cap is his time with the Chicago Big Band. This incredible ensemble, located in Argentina, took audiences on a journey through the golden age of big band jazz. Isaac’s nimble fingers danced across the keys, infusing the music with soulful melodies and captivating improvisations.

🎶 Recording Marvels 🎶

Isaac’s musical journey extended beyond live performances, as he recorded with various esteemed groups. His collaborations include JIZK, Mora García Medici grupo, and Big Nant. These recordings showcased Isaac’s versatility and his ability to blend jazz, folklore, and popular Latin American music into a captivating and unforgettable sonic experience.

🎓 Conservatory Brilliance 🎓

As if conquering the stage wasn’t enough, Isaac has also excelled in the academic realm of music. He received his formal education at renowned conservatories, where he honed his craft and expanded his musical horizons.

🎵 The Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla, Buenos Aires – Argentina 🎵

Isaac embarked on a musical journey at the prestigious Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, he pursued a Tecnicatura Superior en Jazz, immersing himself in the intricacies of this dynamic genre.

🎵 Conservatorio Teatro y Danza la Merced Ambato – Ecuador 🎵

Isaac’s dedication to his musical education continued at the Conservatorio Teatro y Danza la Merced in Ambato, Ecuador. He pursued a Tecnología en Música Académica with a specialization in Piano, deepening his understanding of classical music and refining his technical skills.

🎵 Universidad Técnica de Manabí – Ciencias de la Educación en Música, Manabí – Ecuador 🎵

Isaac’s thirst for knowledge led him

to the Universidad Técnica de Manabí, where he pursued his degree in Music Education. This comprehensive program provided him with a strong foundation in music theory, composition, and pedagogy.

💥 Projects Galore: Where Magic Happens 💥

Isaac’s journey is filled with an array of exciting projects, each brimming with his signature style and infectious energy.

✨ La Familia Natural ✨

Isaac has been an integral part of the music collective known as La Familia Natural. This collective, founded by Christian Situ under Natural Records in NYC, has grown into a powerhouse of talent in Ecuador. Their performances are a fusion of genres, including afrobeats, cumbias, brasil beats, jazz, funk, rap, reggae, dub, ska, and Latin jazz. The energy, spice, and improvisation they bring to the stage are nothing short of electrifying.

🌟 Talud Jazz Trio 🌟

Isaac’s passion for jazz shines through his collaboration with Talud Jazz Trio. Alongside Leo Bermudez on bass and Luigi Bolanos on drums, they create captivating jazz compositions that take audiences on a melodic journey. Their EP “Nomada” is a testament to their artistry and showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of jazz.

💡 Music Education and Clinics 💡

Isaac’s love for music extends beyond his performances. He has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and passion with others through music education and clinics. His expertise has inspired countless students and fellow musicians, igniting the creative spark within them.

🎉 Congratulations, Isaac! 🎉

On behalf of the 13WAY Crew, we want to extend our warmest congratulations to Isaac Cevallos on his extraordinary musical journey and all his accomplishments. Your talent, dedication, and infectious energy continue to inspire us all. Keep spreading the joy of music, and may your melodies resonate with audiences around the world. Cheers to you, Isaac! 🎊🎹🎉

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