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ORIGINALOVERDUBS Takes You on a Global Groove Odyssey:

The 13WAY Editors Crew review of Natural Records – ORIGINALOVERDUBS EP, released in late October, 2023.

Imagine ditching the selfie stick and overpriced airport trinkets. What if your next adventure brought back something truly unique – a passport stamped with the infectious rhythms of faraway lands? Buckle up, globetrotters (and audiophiles alike!), because Natural Records’ genre-bending masterpiece, ORIGINALOVERDUBS, is about to become your next sonic souvenir.

This ain’t your typical studio-polished pap. ORIGINALOVERDUBS is a gritty, exhilarating journey composed by the enigmatic Christian Situ. Picture him not in a fancy recording booth, but crammed into a rickety bus, fueled by questionable gas station snacks and a relentless pursuit of musical revolution. Each of the five instrumental tracks on this album is a sonic postcard, meticulously crafted from the vibrant chaos encountered on Natural Records’ epic trek across the globe.

Your Passport to Global Grooves:

  • Ana Rosa Ese Pe (3:18): Step off the plane in São Paulo, Brazil, and get swept up in the city’s frenetic energy with the opening track, “Ana Rosa Ese Pe.” This genre-bending fiesta swirls Afrobeat and reggae rhythms into a hypnotic soundscape, perfect for a sweaty dance party in a bustling city street. Fuel up on exotic street food and let the pure joy of movement take over. “Ana Rosa Ese Pe” is World Fusion at its finest, a perfect introduction to Natural Records’ adventurous spirit.
  • Transformandub (4:22): Traveling the south of Brasil through Florianopolis into Chuy, Punta del Diablo and then San Luis. Uruguay injects a dose of frenetic energy with “Transformandub.” Infectious drum samples and pulsating basslines create a driving dub foundation, while electronic flourishes weave through the soundscape. Imagine a dub rave soundtracked by the cacophony of a rainforest at night, complete with a sense of wild abandon. This is pure, unadulterated dancefloor energy with a touch of the Amazon.
  • Junglist Dubbin’ (5:07): Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the music takes a darker turn on “Junglist Dubbin’.” Heavy dub basslines, so thick they’d make a sloth move, intertwine with haunting melodies that evoke the mysteries of the jungle. Drum samples with Felipe Carrillo. Hints of psychedelia weave through the soundscape, making you wonder if those questionable rainforest treaties were a good idea after all. Prepare to be enveloped by the atmosphere of the Amazon with this unique blend of Dub, Psychedelic Dub, and World Fusion.
  • Y Mas Alla (3:49): Our journey reaches the crossroads of Cuzco, Peru and Ambato, Ecuador with “Y Mas Alla.” Here, heavy bass meets spacey, futuristic elements in a short and sweet exploration that transcends borders. This unique boombap fusion is a reminder that questionable airport bathrooms are a universal truth, delivered with infectious energy. Get ready for a genre-bending collision that will leave you wanting more.
  • Ele Wambra Moleke (4:15): Cordoba, Argentina brings the closing energy with “Ele Wambra Moleke.” Upbeat EDM-infused rhythms meet the spirit of Brazilian folk dance, showcasing Natural Records’ ability to seamlessly blend global influences. Think “beach party gone global” with a healthy dose of uninhibited dance moves. This infectious blend of Electronica, World Fusion, and Brazilian Folk is the perfect way to close out your sonic adventure around the world.

A Musical Nomad’s Vision:

The driving force behind this captivating sonic journey is Christian Situ, who prefers to let his music speak for itself. Traveling the world and soaking in its musical influences, Situ single-handedly played, recorded, and produced ORIGINALOVERDUBS, a testament to his artistry and adventurous spirit.

The Takeaway:

ORIGINALOVERDUBS is more than just an album; it’s a travelogue for the soul. It’s a reminder that the most enriching experiences are often found off the beaten path, in the heart-pounding rhythms and infectious melodies that transcend language and culture. So, ditch the tourist traps and pack your headphones. With Natural Records’ ORIGINALOVERDUBS, the world awaits, one irresistible beat at a time.

Ready to Dive In?

  • Check out Natural Records’ website: https://naturalrecords.org
  • Stream ORIGINALOVERDUBS on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4oyTxeiQBAfVHZuL9OkT0C
  • Also, visit our blog @ 13way.org/blog

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